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ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration + Neograft® Automated Hair Restoration = VERO HAIR

VERO Hair: The Best of Both Worlds

The Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh is one of only 10 practices that offers this exclusive all inclusive Vero Hair restoration program. VERO Hair offers complete hair restoration solutions in an easy, straightforward process, for a natural outcome. Combining the best of both worlds, with the two top technologies in the world, there is now no patient for whom VERO can’t make the very best outcome possible.

One of the greatest advances in hair restoration was the creation of follicular unit extraction — something that one of western Pennsylvania’s premiere board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Brian Vassar Heil, MD, FACS, brought to the state with Neograft in 2011. ARTAS stepped up the possibilities even further by bringing advances in robotics into the field of hair restoration.

Today, after 18 consecutive years in the successful practice of hair restoration, VERO Hair offers both ARTAS and Neograft for patients requiring automated or robotic hair restoration, or a hybrid combination of both. The best of both technologies means there are no patients who can’t be treated with amazing results and great success.

Introducing VERO

VERO Hair Restoration Pittsburgh

Who is a candidate for VERO Hair Restoration?

While many patients are perfectly suitable candidates for ARTAS or Neograft, there are many still who would be better served with a hybrid combination of both. In practical terms, one could liken it to a hairdresser with a pair of scissors as well as a buzzer; obvious enough, but not often seen in the world of hair restoration. A practice with both Neograft and ARTAS technologies means every patient gets the perfect treatment for them — whether that means using one or both treatments.

All Skin Types, All Hair Types & All Sexes

VERO Hair Restoration is well suited to men and women of all skin types and skin colors and all hair types. Some skin and hair tones and types present a challenge for robotic restoration. The lack of contrast between dark hair and dark skin, for instance, or the tightly hooked curl in certain nationalities, are best served by Neograft. Between the two treatment options housed under one roof, there is no patient for whom we can’t create and execute an ideal hair restoration plan.

ARTAS is ideal for harvesting hair follicles in patients with straight black or brown hair who are suffering from androgenic alopecia. Neograft is an auto-graft system ideal for suction-assisted follicular extraction and reimplantation in both male and female patients.

VERO For All Skin & Hair Types

VERO Hair Restoration Pittsburgh

Higher Graft Counts, Faster Treatments

Patients who need treatment over larger surface areas or who desire a single treatment session followed by one recovery period will benefit greatly from VERO, which allows us to harvest healthy hair follicles more widely, getting anywhere from a staggering 4,000 to 4,5000 grafts at a time. The grafts are excellent and their placement can be done either manually or robotically.

ARTAS will harvest 1,000 to 1,300 grafts hourly, with the superior access of Neograft then employed for the remainder. This interchange allows for faster and more efficient treatment and fewer, shorter convalescence periods.

Custom Treatment Plans

With VERO Hair Restoration, you’re stepping into a clinic serving the best of both worlds. And these aren’t just niceties, but are widely known real-world problems associated with your journey to a full and healthy head of hair. VERO Hair is a superior expert practice with both technologies available.

We curate customized hair treatment protocols, no matter the solution called for, whether robotic (ARTAS) or automated (Neograft).

Brian Vasser Heil, MD, Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Heil is renowned as one of the top hair transplant surgeons and hair restoration specialists in Pittsburgh. Nearly two decades in private practice, he has changed the lives of thousands of satisfied patients. Constantly remaining at the cutting edge of hair restoration technology, he truly believes there is no patient he can not assist with hair restoration.

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