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If you are seeking treatment for hair loss, it is vital that you feel confident in the professionalism, skills, and experience of your doctor. At our Center for Hair Restoration, we work closely with men to help them achieve a younger, more vital look with hair loss treatments,

all performed in a comfortable, private practice in Pittsburgh and Wexford, Pennsylvania. Dr. Heil has achieved prominence in the field of plastic surgery and offers his male patients the most advanced hair restoration technology available.

Hair Loss: Its Personal.

Dr. Heil has gained a powerful reputation for his work in performing advanced hair restoration for men. As the most sought-after plastic surgeon for male patients, he takes great pride in working with them to gain a higher level of confidence through hair restoration.

Losing your hair is a very personal loss – a youthful, masculine look can be diminished as the hairline recedes or balding areas appear. A greatly receding hairline can add years to your appearance – but modern technology has answers like never before.

Our Center for Hair Restoration: Advanced Treatments for Male Hair Loss

If you are ready to consider hair restoration, there is no better clinic to visit than our modern Pittsburgh and Wexford Center for Hair Restoration. We offer the latest generation in hair restoration technology, including:


As the sole provider of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system in the tri-state area, we have many men come to our clinic to achieve a thicker, healthier, more youthful-looking head of hair with this groundbreaking innovation in hair restoration technology. The ARTAS system allows you to create exactly what you want with a 3D modeling feature, with every harvest follicle carefully selected with digital technology, harvested singly, and implanted as designed in the digital studio feature.


NeoGraft is another modern innovation we offer to our male patients seeking a solution for hair loss. The system performs FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) with a specialized hand-held tool for a fast, almost painless hair restoration. No scars are left behind, and the system does not include scalpels, stitches, or a long recovery time. Each extracted follicle is carefully implanted in the thinning or balding area in a natural pattern. Once the hair follicle is settled in its new location, the new hairs begin to grow and naturally fill in balding or thinning areas.

Hair Loss Medication

Several hair loss medications are available – but these medications must be prescribed by a medical doctor. Which one will produce a result for you? Dr. Heil offers several hair loss medications to his patients, often used in conjunction with another hair restoration technique for even better outcomes.

PRP Hair Therapy

We use PRP hair therapy as a regenerative medical technique to trigger dormant follicles to once again produce strong, healthy hair.

Low Level Light Therapies

Certain therapeutic light waves have been proven to stimulate hair growth. Take advantage of the possibilities at our Hair Restoration clinic, where we offer all the latest advances in hair restoration technology, including low level light therapy to trigger natural hair growth.

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