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PRP Hair Therapy at the Center for Hair Restoration in Pennsylvania

Your body has amazing natural abilities – including the capacity to heal itself. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, has been used for decades in the medical field.

Only recently, the healing properties of this blood product have come into use in hair restoration. Dr. Heil is one of the doctors that has a lot of experience on the subject of hair restoration and will give you arguably the best PRP Pittsburgh has to offer.

How Does PRP Work?

If you are genetically programmed to lose your hair, the follicles in certain zones will slowly just stop producing hairs, and you will experience the onset of balding. PRP is a blood product with special properties. Your blood is made up two main components – red blood cells and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets.

PRP contains growth factors and cytokines that have stimulate hair follicle function and health.

These blood components send a message to your cells, triggering them to function correctly, and produce thicker, healthier hairs.

If your hair follicles are starting to produce finer, thinner hair, you are the perfect candidate for our PRP hair restoration in Pennsylvania. It is also an excellent additional procedure following hair transplants, as it provides the growth factors to cause more of the transplanted follicles to once again get to work producing healthy, thick strands of hair.

What are the Benefits of PRP Hair Therapy?

For our male patients who are seeing the early stages of hair loss, such as thinner strands of hair, and less hair growth, our PRP in Pittsburgh offers many benefits, including:

  • Non-invasive
  • Almost no health risk, as the PRP is your own cells, recognized by your body
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime or recovery
  • Effective regenerative hair loss treatment
  • Triggers hair follicles to produce healthy strands of hair, naturally

Losing Your Hair? We Can Help.

At the Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh and Wexford, Pennsylvania, we take hair restoration for men very seriously. We have assembled the most effective, non-invasive, easily-tolerated hair restoration techniques, technologies, and treatments to help men regain the confidence that comes with having a healthy head of hair. PRP hair therapy may be used in conjunction with other treatments, based upon the current condition of your hair, and what will produce the most positive result – for you.

Step 1 - Standard Phlebotomy

A Peripheral vein is carefully selected using Accuvein® infrared technology and a blood sample is collected.

phlebotomy Click Image To Enlarge

Step 2 - A-PRP Anticoagulation & Centrifugation:

The blood is mixed with anticoagulant in the vacutainer. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge to obtain a plasma concentrate of autologous blood with a platelet quantity above the normal physiologic level.

blood prep anticoagulation centrifugation Click Image To Enlarge

Steps 3 & 4: A-PRP Final Preparation, Administration of Local Anesthesia and A-PRP Injection:

Local anesthetic is administered to reduce discomfort. Multiple, small injections of plasma are performed in a linear pattern, 1 cm apart, known as the "nappage" technique.

prepping local injection for prp hair restoration Click Image To Enlarge

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PRP Hair Therapy FAQs

It can be difficult to find information that you are confident is correct. The Center for Hair Restoration was established by Dr. Brian Heil, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great breadth of experience and knowledge of hair restoration treatments and technology.

If you are serious about getting results from your hair restoration treatment, there is no better place to visit than our Pittsburgh hair restoration clinic. We can answer your individual questions, and offer some answers to common questions we are asked about platelet rich plasma in Pennsylvania:

How effective is PRP hair therapy?

While results vary from person to person, the typical result of the treatment is a noticeably improved head of hair, with thicker, healthier strands, and more follicles restored to working order. Your treatment plan is customized to match your needs, and some patients may require more frequent treatments than others.

How long do I have to wait to see results from PRP hair therapy?

You will need to be patient, as it can take about three months before you see a significant change in your hair. Your treatment schedule will typically be about one PRP treatment per month for three months, and then retreatments less often. Many of our male patients have been very satisfied with the results – and have regrown their lost hair.

Am I a candidate for PRP hair therapy?

PRP hair therapy is most effective on men in the early stages of hair loss, who see the hair strands becoming thinner and finer, called “vellus hair.” The treatment function to reawaken hair follicles that have begun doing a poor job of producing hair and get them working correctly.

Find Out More About PRP Hair Restoration in Pennsylvania

You can find out more about this regenerative treatment by contacting us to schedule an appointment at the Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh and Wexford, Pennsylvania. We offer a range of cutting-edge treatments and are ready to help you look younger, more vital, and more appealing by restoring your hair with PRP injections or one of our other cutting-edge treatments.

You don’t have to live with thinning hair – gain access to the most advanced hair restoration technologies available in the world today, right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With Dr. Heil's skill and education in the field of hair restoration, you will have arguably the best results in PRP hair restoration Pennsylvania has available.

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