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Transform Your Look with ARTAS Pittsburgh

The Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh, established by acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Heil, offers advanced hair restoration with the ARTAS system, and is the only practitioner offering this technology in the tri-state area.

If you are ready to take a step to thicker, healthier hair, eradicate a receding hairline or balding area, and want to find the best that technology has to offer, you deserve to find out about the ARTAS robotic hair transplant in Pittsburgh.

Designed with You in Mind: ARTAS

The ARTAS system was designed with you, the patient, in mind. ARTAS was years in development, created with the help of hair transplant physicians and researchers. The concept was to remove any guesswork in hair transplant procedures, and provide patients with an option that avoided scarring, complications, incisions, and the long downtime of traditional methods.

With our robotic hair transplant in Pennsylvania, your hair restoration treatment will be virtually undetectable – and we know this is very important to our male patients. You now have the option of reaping the incredible benefits provided this revolutionary hair restoration system.

Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Pittsburgh

An Introduction to the ARTAS iX Machine

The ARTAS iX Experience

In this video, you'll get a full introduction to the ARTAS iX machine, including a detailed explanation of how it works and how it's used.

Step One: ARTAS Hair Studio Technology

The first step in the procedure is creating a 3D model of your individual head and current hairline. This 3D model is the starting point. Working closely with you, we will design your hair restoration in Pittsburgh, so you can instantly see on a monitor exactly how it will look on you. Different hair designs require a different number of grafts, so this is a critical aspect in your procedure.

With the ARTAS Hair Studio, you will see the optimum number of grafts and hairline shape, so the outcome of your procedure is exactly as you envisioned. With the ARTAS system, there is no guesswork or need to use your imagination – it is all there for you to see. Once you decide on the design, it is time for step two.

Step Two: Advanced Harvest Procedure

Harvesting healthy hair follicles used to be a nightmare and involved removing a strip of your scalp from the back of your head, leaving you with a scar that had to be hidden beneath longer hair – but not with ARTAS. The donor area is an important issue. We want to leave the donor area looking healthy, without any aftereffects from the harvest of follicles.

Advanced Robotics for Hair Follicle Harvesting

ARTAS uses a robotic system to harvest hairs without removing too many from any part of the donor area so it is left looking normal. The back of your head has the hair that can be viably transplanted, as these hair follicles are not impacted by the hormone that leads to male pattern baldness. Keeping the donor area looking completely normal is just one of the many benefits of the ARTAS system.

Step Three: Recipient Site Making

Our Artas Robotic Hair Transplant in Pittsburgh technique offers the first – and only – robotic system for site making – the exact location where the follicles will be placed. None of your existing hair will be damaged and will be left to flourish as normal. With the use of the data from the ARTAS Hair Design Studio, the healthy follicles are implanted correctly with use of the ARTAS Recipient Site Making, with a custom hair pattern design.

The robotic system has the advantage of creating superior recipient sites with a higher survival rate than was possible with earlier hair transplant techniques. The ARTAS system can identify your healthy hairs as well as the thinner, finer, or “vellus” hairs so the most attractive outcome is achieved. The system uses ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms to ensure your healthy hairs are not damaged in performing your hair restoration in Pittsburgh.

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Image Guided Robotic System

ARTAS is a physician-assisted, image-guided robotic system for superior hair restoration results. The robotic hair follicle harvest and implant system uses specialized algorithms and robotics to create the most natural look, while preserving healthy hairs in both donor site and recipient site.

The Benefits of Artas Hair Restoration

The benefits of the ARTAS system include:

  • Almost all patients are candidates for this system
  • Reduced follicle damage – more donor hair available
  • Minimal post-treatment pain
  • Reduced healing time
  • No visible linear scar
  • Results that appear fully natural
  • No guesswork

For the Best in Hair Restoration: ARTAS

The ARTAS system is an innovation that is changing the hair restoration world – and yet is not widely available in Pennsylvania or other states. Dr. Heil is personally committed to ensuring his patients have access to the most advanced, successful, and effective systems. He has chosen to offer the ARTAS system as it produces superior results and is proving to be of great benefit to his male patients who are suffering with hair loss.

State-of-the-Art Hair Restoration: ARTAS

The ARTAS system provides the highest level of success and the most natural results of any system available planet-wide. We invite you to discover the technology for our hair restoration in Pittsburgh that produces results far superior to any other system, from traditional to other modern systems. Your results can be enhanced with the use of regenerative medicine and PRP treatments, or light therapy – we do it all.

A Brighter Future: Hair Restoration That Appears Fully Natural

One of the drawbacks of traditional hair restoration techniques was that the result looked unnatural. The appearance of rows of “hair plugs” left many men feeling disappointed, not to mention the visible scar left at the donor site. The ARTAS system literally avoids all of the pitfalls of earlier transplant techniques.

No linear scar, no long recovery, and a restored head of hair that truly looks natural. At the Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh, we feel that this groundbreaking system has all the answers, and we are proud to offer it to our male patients from the local area and around the state, offering arguably the best results in robotic hair transplant Pennsylvania has available.

The Center for Hair Restoration - Before & After Gallery

The Center for Hair Restoration at Premier Plastic Surgery - Preparing for your Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Hair Restoration Technique?

Hair restoration technology continues to advance as new methods and treatments are developed. What’s right for you? Only an evaluation of your current state of hair loss will reveal what will be needed in your case.

Should I have Hair Transplants or Take Medication?

Your hair restoration treatment may include more than one solution, including supplements, medication and advanced physician-assisted hair transplant system, ARTAS.

Can I Restore a Receding Hairline?

Absolutely. If you have a receding hairline, early treatment can help you avoid the hair loss progression.

I am Going Bald on Top – Can Dr. Heil Help?

If you see the first stages of hair loss appearing at the crown of your head, with thinning areas, Dr. Heil has a hair restoration treatment that will work for you.

What is ARTAS?

One of the latest developments in hair transplants, ARTAS is one of the most effective methods to transplant hair follicles to thinning areas. It uses a robotic system that produces a superior, more natural-looking outcome.

My Hair is Thinning – Is There a Treatment for Me?

If your hair follicles are producing less, or thinner, weaker strands of hair are being produced, your first treatment may include natural supplements, medication, or you may need transplants.

Why Choose Dr. Heil?

Dr. Heil offers his patients a full range of the most modern, effective hair restoration treatments, from supplements to medications, to advanced hair transplant technology.

What is the Best Type of Hair Restoration?

The best type of hair restoration will be the best treatment for your individual case. It may include more than one treatment, but you can be confident that your hair can be restored with the help of Dr. Heil.

Will I Have a Scar?

The traditional hair restoration technology involved removing a strip of scalp from the back of the head, which left a visible scar. With ARTAS, no visible scar is created, and you can wear any hairstyle with confidence.

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