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Viviscal Professional is a hair growth treatment that can produce remarkable results in men suffering from hair loss. A clinically-researched formula, it is a drug-free supplement. Rather than using a synthetic medication, Viviscal is a dietary supplement containing a groundbreaking ingredient called “AminoMar.”

Healthy hair is created from within the body. Your hair, to retain its thick, healthy quality, requires nutrition. Viviscal provides the vital nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. Each of the ingredients in this supplement serves a purpose in stimulating healthy hair growth.

What is AminoMar Marine Complex?

AminoMar Marine Complex is one of the main ingredients in Viviscal Professional. The complex is made from shark cartilage and mollusk powder (from oysters).

These ingredients provide a combination of marine protein that helps regenerate new cell growth, while feeding existing cells. Cells require nourishment to be healthy – including the hair follicles.

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Other Ingredients for Hair Growth in Viviscal Professional

Some of the other ingredients in this hair growth supplement include horsetail extract, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, millet seed extract which is rich in plant sterols that promote healthy hair and scalp, repair skin damage, and reduce inflammation.

Vitamin C is known to be one of the most important vitamins for hair growth, as it helps the body build collagen, which aids in hair strength. Biotin is another vital ingredient that helps improve the keratin, one of the basic proteins in hair, skin and nails. These are just a few of the ingredients in Viviscal Professional – the supplement that can help you have healthier thicker hair by providing the nutrients your hair and body need.

Should I Take Viviscal Professional?

Viviscal has been researched, and in just one of the many studies, the people who took this supplement had more hair after taking it three months, and less hair shedding. If you are experiencing thinner hair or excessive shedding, taking Viviscal Professional can help.

Modern Hair Restoration Technology: The Healing Power of the Body

When you feed your body the right foods, you feel better, look better, and have more energy. When you reduce this concept to the cellular level, it makes sense that your hair follicles need the right food to stay healthy and continue to produce strong, thick strands of hair. When used alone, or in conjunction with other hair restoration treatments, the results of Viviscal Professional can be truly remarkable.

Benefits of Viviscal Professional

Dr. Brian Heil is dedicated to helping men who are struggling with thinning hair to once again have thick, healthy hair with customized treatment plans, including taking Viviscal Professional to feed the body what it needs for healthy hair growth. The benefits include:

  • Natural, drug-free supplement
  • Combats thinning hair
  • Provides the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth
  • Encourages healthy hair growth and stronger hair
  • Reduces hair shedding
  • Promotes hair re-growth

Your Hair and Your Image

A thick, healthy head of hair is a physical asset. It makes you look and feel younger and allows you to wear the hairstyle that suits your unique personality – rather than keeping it extra short to try to disguise hair loss.

At the Center for Hair Restoration, we are dedicated to helping men have healthier, thicker hair, and provide customized hair restoration treatments to match their individual needs. Talk to us about Viviscal Professional – it is just one of our wide scope of treatments for hair loss in men.

Viviscal® professional is a complete hair growth program that includes an oral supplement, Thin to Thick Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir serum. The Viviscal® Pro dietary supplement offers superb nutritional benefits to the scalp and hair follicles, nourishing thinning hair and promiting existing hair growth. Ingredients include Vitamin C, Calcium, Biotin, AminoMar Marine Complex (Shark Cartilage and Oyster Powder Extract), Apple (fruit) Extract, L-Cystine and L-Methionine. The supplement should be taken twice daily for a minimum of 3-6 months with water after a meal. Viviscal should be used to supplement a healthy, balanced diet. Viviscal® Pro Shampoo and Conditioner are blended with Biotin, Collagen & Keratin to promote healthy looking hair.

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