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Finasteride at the Center for Hair Restoration

Men in their early thirties – or even younger – often see the beginning signs of hair loss. Male pattern baldness is a problem affecting most men at some point in their lives – but why not bypass what nature dictates, and continue to maintain a thick, healthy head of hair?

Finasteride has been found to be an effective medication to ward off hair loss and increase the strength and thickness of hair strands that are becoming thin and weak – the first stage of balding. At our hair restoration center, we offer treatments of Finasteride in Pittsburgh to our patients who are looking for a non-invasive route.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is an oral medication that is FDA-approved to ward off male pattern baldness. It is called a “5-alpha-reductase inhibitor,” and performs its duty by preventing the breakdown of testosterone into a natural byproduct called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

DHT is the problem; it creates male pattern baldness as it inhibits the function of another important chemical that triggers new cell generation and healthy hair growth.

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What are the Benefits of Finasteride?

The benefits of using this hair loss medication take some time to be revealed. If you are already struggling with male pattern baldness, it is important that you have a consultation at our boutique hair restoration clinic in Pittsburgh, where we are committed to helping men ward off hair loss with a range of effective treatments.

The results of the drug take some time to become visible, often up to a year. The drug can be an excellent performer for many of our patients, and you deserve to find out about it.

The benefits of our Pennsylvania finasteride treatments include:

  • Halts hair loss
  • Reduces shedding
  • Promotes hair regrowth in thinning areas
  • Decreases serum DHT levels by approximately 70 percent
  • Thin, fine hair strands become thicker and stronger

Clinically Tested and FDA Approved: Finasteride

In a clinical trial, the results were impressive; men who took the finasteride had 107 more hairs per square inch after one year of taking the drug, and 277 more hairs per square inch after five years. The normal quantity of hairs per square inch is in the range of between about 1,000 to about 2,000. The increase in the quantity of hairs per square inch can be a real improvement in how you look – for the long term.

The Center for Hair Restoration in Pittsburgh

At our hair practice for men, one aspect of your treatment may be a prescription for this highly-effective medication. While your genetics may dictate that you will live with thinning, balding hair, we believe that you have every right to improve on nature with the best of what modern pharmaceuticals has to offer, along with a range of other hair restoration treatments that work.

Hair Miniaturization: What is It?

Hair miniaturization is the early stage of balding. Once the follicles shrink due to the effect of DHT, the hairs produced are weak, thin, and fine. Eventually the follicle can no longer produce any hair, with shedding, thinning and balding the result. Hair miniaturization can be handled so that you restore a thick, healthy head of hair with the help of our treatments of finasteride in Pittsburgh.

Research: Finasteride Results are Impressive

In a study conducted on 1,500 men, almost 83 percent of the men in the study (which ran for two years) saw a complete halting of hair loss, or an increase in healthy hair growth, or both effects. Great care was taken to confirm these facts. If you are one of the many men who is depressed, angered, or embarrassed by the beginning stages of hair loss, our finasteride may be the answer for you.

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